Valentine’s Day With the Family.

Valentine’s Day With the Family.

Planning quality time with the family is not always easy.  Valentines Day is about spending time with the ones you love so plan an activity or a delicious meal where everyone can be involved.

Here’s a list of activities that for your family’s perfect Valentine’s Day:

1) The night before or on Valentine’s Day, decorate the house with homemade paper hearts and little cupids. This activity is perfect for children who love crafts.

2) Wake up the kids with a special Valentine’s breakfast! Include some of their favorites, such as bacon and eggs or heart shaped pancakes.  If you’re feeling ambitious, top the pancakes with strawberries shaped like hearts.

3) For those who leave home for work or school, replace their traditional lunch bag with a brown paper bag decorated for Valentines Day. Along with their usual lunch, pack one of their favorite desserts. To add an element of surprise, include a note with a memory only you two share.

4) Family meals are the perfect opportunity to catch up with one another. In order to make this dinner extra special, ask family members to attend in formal attire. Give the meal a Valentines theme by shaping our Boneless Center & Rib Eye into the perfect heart shapes. Pair the main with side dishes that are red, white or pink in color.

5) After dinner, sit down for a round of board games, or watch a favorite family movie. Both activities offer plenty of laughs, making the night enjoyable for everyone.  

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope your day is filled with love!