Top Five Toppings for a Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Top Five Toppings for a Ham & Cheese Sandwich

The ham and cheese sandwich – it’s a classic, right? Well, sometimes there can be nothing more fun than messing with a classic. After all, putting a unique spin on a classic can lead to some exhilarating (not to mention delicious) dining experiences. With that in mind, we present to you “Top Five Toppings for a Ham & Cheese Sandwich”.

1) Hot sauce – Let’s start it off with an easy one, shall we? Pretty much everything is better with hot sauce. Perhaps not for everyone, but those that love their hot sauce REALLY love their hot sauce. So as you put together your sandwich if you’re a hot sauce addict, grab your current favorite and pour it all over.

2) Green apple – Out of left field? I’m sure some would say so, but a nice green apple can add an unusual and enticing flavor to an old favorite. This one will certainly not be for everyone but if you wind yourself nodding, muttering “yeah… yeah, I can see it…” then give it a try!

3) Watercress – This topping is a must for Downton Abbey fans. After all, who doesn’t feel sophisticated just saying, “watercress”? For a light, cultured flavor give watercress a try.

4) Genoa salami – What’s better than one delicious meat? TWO delicious meats! Combining some mouth-watering ham with a slice or two of genoa salami is the meat equivalent of combining chocolate and peanut butter. We’re talking meat-synergy here!

5) Split-pea soup – A cheat? Perhaps. Yes, it’s not really a topping but I think few would disagree with a hot bowl of split-pea soup being the perfect companion to a delicious ham and cheese sandwich.